By Benedetto


Venetian by adoption, with a Sicilian heart and a life dedicated to one and only passion, that for fashion. Here is Jennyfer di Benedetto, the creator of Injeydress.

Dreamy and ambitious, so I define myself, a woman of our times, with a thousand resources and ideas.

A passion born as a child and cultivated through studies in the FASHION sector.
Romantic, but also gritty, multitasking, in step with the world and with the ever new role we take on.

Precisely for these women, a bit like me, I create exclusive, limited edition models, always looking for the highest quality in fabrics.

In 2017, all these precious projects materialized in the In.Jey brand, made up of tailored clothing and an almost obsessive attention during every phase of conception and production. I have always paid particular attention to the choice of materials, preferring those of natural and eco-sustainable origin.

But it wasn't enough for me, it still didn't reflect me 100%, something was missing.

This is how the collaboration with La Sartoria Castelmonte was born. (read here)

Small social reality that deals with the integration of "fragile" people by giving them a working life.

A creative studio and a tailor's shop that live in symbiosis, where I spend my days imagining the models, and participating in every phase of their creation, with the same passion I had as a child.

A 100% made in Italy production, a craftsmanship that we carefully preserve, and that has always been the hallmark of every creation.

With in.Jey. I want to let women into my world, actually, literally, in my shoes. Because every sketch, every idea, every piece of fabric comes from my experience, from my inspirations, and from my uncontrollable enthusiasm that has always guided me on this path day by day. And my creations are for me the best way to explain my point of view on the world.