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Anita, an example of a Woman for me!







His business was born in the 1950s, founded by his mother Elena who gave her knowledge to her daughter.

1990 Hence the passion of Anita and the desire to take over the business widely started by her mother.

"The idea of ​​being able to make pullovers as I wanted, pushed me to undertake this path away from my studies", so the beautiful Anita tells me.

In 1995 she began her adventure with her husband who supports her 100%.

In 1998 they opened their first boutique in Bassano del Grappa managed by him

Sergio Dametto , it is he who is in charge of advising customers in Bassano and taking orders for bespoke items which are then passed on to Anita.




It has happened to everyone to buy a sweater that after the first use was abandoned in the drawer ...

This is where Anita starts by choosing to stand out for:


* Quality of the yarn

* Product craftsmanship

* Tailor-made and highly personalized service


Her yarns are personally chosen by her, by renowned and Italian companies

(example: LORO PIANA)


The making of his pullovers are done with non-industrial machinery and therefore almost handmade.


Bespoke and personalization are essential for her.

In fact, beyond the measures, you can choose color, model and type of yarn.



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