People who deal with People


A small brand with a big heart. The real face of this brand is that of jennyfer and her great sensitivity.

Jennyfer has chosen "LA SARTORIA CASTELMONTE" for the creation of her clothing.

A small BIG reality that also gives space and work to disadvantaged people, giving them another chance for social and working life.

Behind your emotions there is a great social value.


Castel Monte

The non-profit social cooperative (non-profit organization of social utility) "Castel Monte" has as its purpose the human, moral and cultural promotion of socially disadvantaged people.

It is a cooperative that operates in the philosophy, social identity and rules dictated by law n.381 of 8 November 1991 ("Discipline of social cooperatives").
The Castel Monte Group has been operating since 1991 in social health / welfare services with professionalism and entrepreneurial ability, with a social vocation.
The goal of its social mission is to put the person at the center of its business.
The total quality of Castel Monte is made up of people, who with their work take care of other people in their phase of users of the socio-health / social services provided for by citizenship law.
The Group's mission, defined in a slogan, which is a specific social commitment, is "social enterprise - people who care for people".