Create your tailor-made

In this video we teach you how to take measurements.

Since 2009 I have focused on one thing: making dresses for women with the aim of making them unique, strengthening their physical qualities and their femininity.
Whether it's a garment exhibited in my Atelier in Montebelluna or already part of your wardrobe, each of my creations is made with fabrics of natural origin but above all conceived to adapt perfectly to you.
In.Jey was born with the aim of managing all your customization needs.
What you can customize beyond the measures:
  • NECKLACES: you can modify the necklines suggested by Jennyfer choosing from these: Crewneck, V, boat, with shirt collar, with band collar, with high collar.
  • SLEEVE LENGTH: you can change the length of the sleeve.
  • SLEEVE WIDTH: you can choose to modify the sleeve model by choosing from these options: balloon, bell, tapered, ham, normal.
  • HEAD LENGTH: you can choose the length of your dress, skirt, trousers, knitwear.
  • BUTTONS: you can choose to modify the model by choosing to remove any buttoning or insert if there are none.
  • COLOR: Color is very important to us. We give you the advantage of telling us the color that suits you best.
All of the above options must be agreed with Jennyfer
prendere le misure .jpg