Xmas Flash

Christmas pine cone

The Pigna is a symbol that very often traces Roman architecture and that has also remained infiltrated in Catholic symbolism. The clearest meaning that we can find is the one that associates it with "0", therefore with the cosmic egg, at birth, at the beginning.

The choice of this print is linked to my origins, the pine cone and the emotions I experienced in my childhood.

For me Christmas is Magic ...  

In Sicily the celebrations begin on December 8th, to close everything on January 7th! A month of family reunions, tables laden with food, children bursting with happiness ... I have a beautiful memory that will remain alive in my heart.
In this #capsulecollection I relive the happiness with which as a child I waited for Santa Claus, hoping to give you a tiny dream every time you open!
The capsule is made of printed chiffon, black base with a small pearl gray, white and red pine cone!
The pieces that compose it will be available from tonight on our e-commerce.
The capsule will also have pieces of ATELIER GATTO knitwear

#sustainable #summeasure

Christmas 2020