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Since 2009 I have focused on one thing only: making dresses for women with the aim of making them unique, strengthening their physical qualities and their femininity. already part of your wardrobe, each of my creations   is made with fabrics of natural origin but above all conceived   to adapt perfectly to you. In.Jey was born with the aim of managing all your customization needs . 




A tailored suit allows the perfect synthesis between style and functionality. Going through the details of the body, it is made by following every minimum particularity, so that it can be not a simple dress, but the right dress.

A made-to-measure suit is an experience to try at least once in a lifetime, such as to be able to give momentum and self-confidence from everyday occasions to the more strictly formal ones; clothes change, just as the moments in a woman's life change, what does not change is the attention to detail and needs.

Expect maximum comfort at all times, feel confident in yourself and your image, knowing that you are wearing an authentic work of manufacture, specially designed and conceived.

Whether it's a business appointment, an outing with friends or even an important ceremony, a tailored suit creates an ideal combination, between absolute safety and the affirmation of a unique style.


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