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Romantic Blood

A touch of romance combined with the determination of an intense and determined woman:

here are the characteristics of Romantic Blood, the new autumn-winter 2021-2022 collection by

In Jey Dress.






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Summer 21

Botanical Emotions #lovenature

Spring is recognized immediately, it is that magical moment in which the colors and scents of nature begin to invade our days and where the sun begins to awaken us from the cold winter torpor.

It was precisely these sensations that inspired the new Botanical Emotions collection by In Jey Dress, for a spring summer full of emotions and natural colors ... (continue)

Xmas Flash

Christmas pine cone

The Pigna is a symbol that very often traces Roman architecture and that has also remained infiltrated in Catholic symbolism. The clearest meaning that we can find is the one that associates it with "0", therefore with the cosmic egg, at birth, at the beginning.

The choice of this print is linked to my origins, the pine cone and the emotions I experienced in my childhood.

For me Christmas is Magic ...


Fall Winter 20-21

Nest Collection

Our land, our home. Each of us has a place where he feels good, where he knows he can find peace through the rediscovery of his roots. For me this place is my homeland, Sicily.

The autumn 2020 collection by in.Jey.Dress is a journey into the colors that belong to the places where I grew up:

Brown like a rich land, which for millennia has nourished and made excellence flourish, orange as the symbolic product of a millenary tradition, pink like a juicy pomegranate and yellow like the intense flavor of turmeric, which envelops and warms.

In contrast to these tones, there is the clearest and deepest blue of the sea, and black, like the incandescent lava of Etna that shapes the territory.

Each model is a reflection of my style, romantic and a little dandy. A flight to my nest, my land, to my special place in the world.

Spring Summer 20

Liberty Collection

Nature, the richest source of inspiration in shapes and colors. Thus was born Liberty, a name conceived during a difficult moment such as the lock down to give strength, courage and a new opening towards the world and nature.

Liberty hides a strong concept linked to sustainability, to our way of approaching the earth with the care and respect it deserves.

Natural fabrics and fibers, combined with the refinement of silk for a strong message of eco-sustainability. Ideal materials for giving shape to skirts and dresses with a gypsy flavor, light and fluctuating to combine with elegant and classic jackets.

The collaboration with Atelier Gatto regarding knitwear has finally brought a touch of elegance and high quality.

A collection with an important meaning, designed in a particular moment of our existence and therefore with a special added value.