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-Botanical Emotions-


Spring is recognized immediately, it is that magical moment in which the colors and scents of nature begin to invade our days and where the sun begins to awaken us from the cold winter torpor.

It was these sensations that inspired the new Botanical Emotions collection

by In Jey Dress, for a spring / summer full of emotions and natural colors.

The fuchsia pink of a freshly cut watermelon, the sweet scent of lavender bushes and the fresh one of sage,

a day at sea with the wind in your hair, immersed in the heat of the sand,

the uncertain smile of a child tasting the juice of a lemon.

Moments that have always been part of our lives and that have found their natural exaltation in Botanical Emotions.

A romantic and whimsical collection

like a hot summer day, made of #natural fabrics

which have respect for the environment as their guiding principle e

an increasing attention to # sustainability and quality.

Collection in collaboration with Anita Gatto's Knitwear

Spring Summer


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