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Jennyfer supports the #greenflea initiative

by joining their GREEN community.

Every action counts.
Even the smallest can make a difference.

This is one of the fundamental principles of Greenflea, a project born with the aim of making its own contribution to the fight against climate change and environmental protection, encouraging sustainability in everyday life.

Greenflea provides users with a quick and intuitive platform to buy and sell eco-sustainable products, new or second-hand, and offers a shared space to anyone who wants to make purchases in a responsible and conscious way.




FRIENDS FOR THE HEARTH Represents the last hope of the Earth, it is our duty to protect it from our impact, before it is really too late.

Nobody feels excluded, we can all be true Friends for the Earth in what we do.

Friends for the Earth was born in 2020 from the vision and determination of the Italian artist Max Serradifalco . They want to promote and connect the protagonists of the Green Economy, in order to accelerate the ecological process necessary for the good of the Earth, as well as for the protection of ecosystems and the very future of our species.

Their mission is to help organizations and people reach out to

Sustainable Development Goals 2030 .

Find out what the goals are

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