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Postcards from Italy, the InJeyDress Spring Summer collection

The story of a journey, made up of emotions and passion, which crosses all of Italy and its most magical places.

Here are Postcards from Italy, the new Spring Summer collection by InJeyDress, a real tribute to the Bel Paese, seen through the eyes and experience of Jennyfer di Benedetto: its origins, Agrigento and warm Sicily, its present and place of origin of the brand, the sparkling Venice,

and finally the splendid Positano, the destination of her dreams.

A collection where elegance is expressed through a magical mix of colors linked to these places: lagoon green, powder blue, orchid, sand and cream, and where every nuance tells a small fragment of that Italian style that has always made the whole world dream. world.

With Postcards from Italy, being overwhelmed has never been easier.

Given the difficult period linked to the pandemic state, the shooting of this collection was taken in an elegant showroom in the province of Treviso, VG CLICK HERE to discover the wonderful interior decor creations!

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