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Why choose an ECOlogical fur ...

A cultural and cruelty free style choice, much cheaper than a fur with animal skins and an animalist poster that denotes style and sensitivity.

This is the reason why Jennyfer Di Benedetto chooses to create a LIMITED EDITION capsule for the #cortinadampezzo market.

The designer who is increasingly approaching the sustainable and ethical world, wants to pass an important message to young people like her.

"Buying an ecological fur, tailored and not treated with chemicals, must in any case be a conscious and lasting choice, a well made fur like ours is like a diamond, it is forever!" .

Although acrylic and polyester, two of the main materials of synthetic furs, not really a panacea for the environment being undoubtedly of petroleum derivatives, the comparison is unequal with natural furs (made with the fur of animals let's remember) as it is lost on all fronts starting with the carnage it entails.

I am attaching here official and computed data of the Lav.

That said, I invite you to view them on our instagram profile, where you can request information or buy them.

But remember that there are few pieces available and if you want to try them, drop by

Via Cesare Battisti 7

Cortina D'ampezzo

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